Junior, our autonomous vehicle

Welcome to the Stanford Driving Team homepage! We are a group of graduate students, researchers, and corporate partners who are working to develop new algorithms and techniques for autonomous driving in unpredictable urban settings.

Since our successful efforts in the DARPA Grand Challenge and the DARPA Urban Challenge, we have been creating and testing a variety of AI solutions to important problems in autonomous driving. Leveraging techniques from machine learning, computer vision, probabilistic sensor fusion, and optimization, our researchers are actively pursuing improvements in semantic scene understanding, object segmentation and tracking, sensor calibration, localization, vehicle control, and path planning. We frequently publish our results at conferences including RSS, ICRA, IROS, and ISER so that the community at large can benefit from our efforts. For instance, our friends down the road at Google are using several of our techniques on their self-driving vehicles.

Please take a look at our research papers, watch a few movies of our autonomous car in action, and peruse some media coverage about our program and our team. Let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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